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  1. Change-data (CD) tables record all committed changes made to a replication source. Pruning of the CD table is coordinated by the IBMSNAP_PRUNE_SET table. Unlike other Capture control tables, CD tables are created when you define a replication source; they are not created automatically when you generate the control tables for the Capture control tramhostjatabaclemipricanarorkind.xyzinfog: Gebon Joushou.
  2. The table in question has a "date creted" DateTime column. I'd like to periodically delete rows that are a month old. Does oracle support "periodic tasks", or can/should this be accomplished by an Insert/Update trigger. I don't think that I can modify other rows in a tablewhen a trigger is triggering on that same tramhostjatabaclemipricanarorkind.xyzinfog: Gebon Joushou.
  3. create a table definition. use this api to create a table definition. name cdr_pub_df_tramhostjatabaclemipricanarorkind.xyzinfotabledefinition. signature. procedure createtabledefinition(p_api_version in number, p_init_msg_list in varchar2:= cdr_pub_def_constants.g_false, p_commit in varchar2:= cdr_pub_def_constants.g_false, p_validation_level in number:= cdr Missing: Gebon Joushou.
  4. Dec 01,  · This is task that all Oracle DBA should know and understand. Imagine that your database will loose access to your Undo table space or you Undo data files are lost!, how can you get back on the horse? So let's see what are the steps in recovering the Undo table tramhostjatabaclemipricanarorkind.xyzinfog: Gebon Joushou.
  5. The Online Reorganization & Redefinition feature in Oracle Database 19c, offers administrators unprecedented flexibility to modify table physical attributes and transform both data and table structure while allowing users full access to the database. As businesses become more web and e-commerce Missing: Gebon Joushou.
  6. The recyclebin feature introduced in Oracle 10g allows you to recover dropped tables using the flashback table to before drop command. With recyclebin, Oracle does not automatically delete dropped tramhostjatabaclemipricanarorkind.xyzinfod, Oracle renames dropped and their associated objects, giving them system-generated recyclebin names that begin with BIN$. For the following examples, consider creating and then Missing: Gebon Joushou.
  7. Reorganizing Oracle Tables, isolating large tables into separate tablespaces, using CTAS to reorganize a table, two alternatives for using CTAS, using CTAS with the ORDER BY clause, using CTAS with an index hint, reorganizing multiple tables with CTAS, multiplexing table reorganization with CTAS, warnings about using NOLOGGING option with CTASMissing: Gebon Joushou.
  8. See here for details on using the dbms_redefinition package for reorganizing Oracle tables online. The online reorganization packages does this by creating a snapshot on the target table and applying all table changes after the table has been reorganized with the "Create table as select" command: Here is a simple execution of an online table Missing: Gebon Joushou.

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